The Author

Parr Books features the thoughts and writings of Steven Parr, a print and video journalist who has documented and told the compelling stories of people on 5 continents.  Check out his Amazon Author Page.

Steven Parr has just published his first book:  The Science of Being Happy.  It’s available as an ebook on and comes with a free guidebook.  Here’s the description:

Science of Being Happy CoverIn The Science of Being Happy, award winning journalist Steven Parr reveals how you can take control of your moods and find happiness.  Parr examines the most recent brain research on being happy and blends it with entertaining stories from his life as a dad and globetrotting TV producer.

This compelling and highly readable narrative contains a bold approach based on science: you have the power to train your brain to be happy.  Parr presents 10 scientifically proven ways to embrace a joyful, meaningful life.  Neuroscience is opening a window on how we can accept challenges with strength and a sense of purpose. 

This book is a must-read for everyone who wants to communicate with kindness and practice mindful thinking that builds relationships and contributes to personal success.    

When you purchase this book, you’ll also receive a free companion guidebook offering useful daily routines and reflective activities based on each chapter. 





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